Return, Refund, & Exchange Policy

At this time, absolutely no refunds will be offered for any products in our store. Also, returns and exchanges are not supported if you ordered a wrong size, color, or simply do not like the product. In addition, refunds will not be offered for any purchases made by mistake or while another party had possession of your payment information. If you believe someone has made a purchase on our store using your payment information without your permission, please contact your respective bank or financial institution. 

Item Replacements

We will not replace, refund, or exchange an item for:

  • Lost orders with an incorrect delivery address that was provided to us when your order was placed.
  • Products that were received as requested, however you would like to have another size/color instead.
  • Garments being shorter/longer than in the sizing chart, if they correspond to set tolerance (+/- 1 inch). 

Defective & Wrong Items

We pride ourselves on our product's exceptional quality. Because of that, each order goes through an extensive quality check before being sent to you. However, in the rare event that there are any manufacturing errors, we can offer you a replacement item free of charge. Please note, there is a chance that a replacement might not be issued, if our team determines that the error is not a manufacturing fault.

If you would like a replacement item due to a manufacturing error or if you received an incorrect item, please click here to send an email to with the following information:

• Name 

• Order number

• A photo attached as a JPG, PNG, or GIF file where the product is laid out on a flat surface with the issue in clear view. 

• Your written comments on why you believe the item is defective.